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In recent times, managing IT Infrastructure become challenging considering its complexity both remotely and locally. Managing IT Infrastructure with right talent within budget is a big challenge. we are providing world class IT Infrastructure service within budget. We provide variety of IT Infrastructure services.

Our Services


IT Infrastructure & AWS Maintenance Service

Many emerging technologies such as the SMAC stack have completely changed the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations and domains. With the passing of time, it becomes necessary for an organization to update the IT infrastructure so as to meet the needs of demands that is increasing consistently. We help organizations to improve their efficiency and uptime atlesser cost. Our team of experts and consultant work closely with you to make sure that the investment is minimum and the outcome achieved is maximum. We also provide AWS Maintenance support such as IT deployment services, assistance in identifying upcoming challenges and complexities, etc.


Cloud Services

For the fast, scalability, agility and easy processes, all the tasks are migrated on Cloud-based platforms to get the desired outputs. Our team of experts consistently with the clients to explore the potential of cloud be it migration and engineering of the products or businesses, to leveraging them on multiple clouds.


Storage Management

Overseas IT Solutions provides comprehensive storage management services where the DAS/ NAS/ SAN/ Backup solutions are provided. For the purpose for increasing the ROI, we provide you Storage as a Service to make it convenient for you to maintain and select the right storage management service whether it is a file, archive or a block. The service that we provide you comes with the flexibility of synchronizing data at scheduled hours. With the increasing demand of the storage solutions among the organizations, we provide high-end storage capacity to securely store the data with ease.


Database Management

With the advancements in the technology, it has opened up the gates for endless volumes of data for fast flow into the system. Due to the huge demand of the data space pouring in from different sources that are in different formats, it becomes necessary for an organization to process, store and manage the data. Our DBA helps from day to day maintenance and monitoring task of data to its administration. We are confident to provide the best suitable database management solutions for optimum cost.


DataCenter Server

Overseas IT Solutions understands very well that with the increasing demand of the IT requirements the necessity for data centers also increases. To copeup with this requirement, we have setup data centres where the critical technical tasks can be accomplished and security of the data is maintained without any compromise. We support virtual private servers, hosting services that is always up & running.


End User Computing

It becomes very difficult to manage the workspace ecosystem when you have multiple remote locations to handle. Overseas IT Solutions has come up with the solution of providing customized workspace services that reluctantly improves processes, security, productivity and data management within the organization. With the need of a mobile workforce, the IT budget of a company gets more constrained. We provide 24/7 support for managing the local and server environment.


Enterprise network Management

Enterprise Management services provided by Overseas IT Solutions helps you to consistently keep flowing the data information and the assistance for the management reports and data mining is helpful in taking quicker business decisions without any barriers. The network is the core IT backbone of the businesses that leverage its sales and the outreach. The management of the network becomes more complex when the business is scaled to a global level. Our team of experts identifies the potential failures and faults along with the recommendations to solve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an experienced team to understand and execute the client needs

All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:
Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential
Price guarantee: Minimum 60% cost-saving over on-site development
Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end
Rates vary, depending on skills, timelines, project nature etc. Typically, a Senior Developer would work at the rate of $3000/month (isn't it too low?).
The quality of a software development company is ultimately the quality of its people. Our people are very strong for software projects:
  • Are English-speaking Graduate/Post-Graduate Engineers
  • Have multiple years of industry experience, or are outstanding new engineers
  • All people have experience on off-shore projects with US/European clients
  • Most people are from premier engineering institutes or have proven exceptional abilities
  • Are industry-certified (Microsoft, Oracle etc)
  • Mindfire's selection process is rigorous and includes 4+ hours of online tests, actual programming, 4+ hours of interviewing and reference checking!
  • About 2,000 candidates apply to us every month. We pick the top few among them.
Low or high are meaningful only in context. The rate is low not because of technical limitation, but simply because we operate from India, where living costs are lower due to international economies and exchange rates. It is our strategy to pass on these location advantages to our clients.
We work only with long-term committed clients who want Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) services, and offer a monthly rate.

We invoice on monthly basis and payment is due on invoicing.

  • We sign NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements as required by you.
  • All our employees are full-time employees, and are bound by the company Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure clauses.
  • You may require assigned Mindfire team members to sign your Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements; indeed we encourage the same.
  • Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated cells disconnected from any public network.
  • At a practical level, all CD-Writers need authorization for usage. Internet uploads larger than a threshold also need authorization.

No. We work on time-based billing for reasons that benefit our clients, and guaranteeing fixed-time results means compromising on that clarity and delivering sub-optimal results to clients. The team may be able to give you an idea, but that is not a business guarantee.

Our developers are dedicated to producing quality code. We have formal processes to keep quality under tight control, including periodic code reviews and design walk-throughs. We concentrate on being first-time right, and believe the creation-step itself should be strong.

Every project goes through the hands of suitable QA/testing professionals, under stringent test-plans including black-box testing, white-box testing, test regression, usage analysis etc.

We believe trust and confidence are the foundation for any successful relationship, and develop only after association over time. The following facts may help demonstrate our commitment to our business:

  • We have completed projects for 500+ US/European clients
  • We have been 17+ years in business, dedicated to the off-shore execution model
  • We are here for the long run; our CEO has global experience with leading technology companies and has started up with a long-term vision
  • The team consists of people from global companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, AIG, AT&T, Coca-cola, IBM, Primus etc.
  • Our list of references/ testimonials

We sign NDAs before initial discussions, and final contracts are drawn out in detail. We are normally bound by the legal framework of our client's country, and are a registered organization in India.

Mindfire Solutions is member of NASSCOM (National Association of Software Companies), India's national body of software companies, and New Delhi-based STPI (Software Technology Parks of India). We are Microsoft "Gold" Certified Partners, Apple Developer Connection Premier Partners, Adobe Solutions Network Premium Partners and so on.

Yes we do, where required. This may be especially useful in initial requirements gathering, final implementation or other pain points. In such cases, our consultants will work on-site at pre-decided rates.

You will have ability to keep close control over the project. Our assigned Project Manager will be your single point-of-contact for all issue resolution, and will work closely with your guidelines.

Mindfire's TeamTouch solution has been specifically developed to provide you complete control over your project. TeamTouch offers unparalleled transparency and control. Please click here to learn more about TeamTouch.

We will send you regular project status reports. We use a combination of pre-determined update schedules (normally email) and ad-hoc meetings (usually tele-conferences, or live chat).

Mindfire has developed a unique system and method for information-sharing, known as 2MV (for "2 minute videos"). We would be glad to demo the system to you - it has floored many a client!

With TeamTouch, you can keep live track of project plan, milestones, code status, bug status, timesheets status and a host of other software development metrics. Please click here to learn more about TeamTouch.

Mindfire welcomes you to try our services. You may choose to have us do a "risk-free" Pilot Period. We are confident enough to offer a pilot period because we have always succeeded in continuing the relationship after demonstration of ability in a pilot period.

Our preferred Pilot Period is spent on either the first sub-system of a larger project, or an independent project that completes within itself. Pilot Periods are typically for one month.

We invest the same time and energy in Pilot Projects as real projects. You would find the pilot of sufficient quality to continue on the same code. In this sense, Pilots are very different from prototypes.

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