• It’s all began in Nov 2014, Overseas IT Solution focus on software development life cycle, we had one clear goal- to be an easiest and affordable Digital Media of globe. Working at different levels in IT sectors, we would like to provide all services related with same, as well as want to use IT in all the sectors.
• There were very few firms serving ‘Total Solutions’ right from the concept to completion of web-based projects. We started from offering web development services for small and medium enterprises.
• In the current scenario, marketing strategies of companies have turned to the web for their expansion and diversification needs, We have been working successfully with customers from the US, Australia, UK.


Over the last few years our market has grown extensively.We aim to compete against the big players in the Solution services market and deliver better tailored systems, superior service at an attractive price.


Our vision is to provide strategic and cost effective solutions to Clients at very high quality standards.
• Provide global technology solutions with highest quality standards.
• Constantly and consistently work towards exceeding the Client expectations and SLA’s
• Strong business relationship with the client and invest in the spirit of partnership.
• Proactive commitment and accountability.


Our team consist of highly experienced technical IT personal, amplified by our partner’s resources. We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our small business customers.